Copyright and Feeds

Inspired by Shelley Powers' post about That old copyright song, here are my thoughts about copyright and feeds.
  1. The default license for a feed is X.
  2. The default license can be overridden by an explicit license, for example, by one of the Creative Commons' licenses.
  3. In all cases, fair use is allowed.
  4. We need to educate people -- feed publishers, feed consumers, & feed re-publishers -- about #1, #2, and #3.
  5. Feed production software should encourage people to explicitly specify how their outgoing feed is licensed.
  6. Feed consumption and re-publication software should display a feed's license and display a warning if a user tries to re-publish a feed whose license does not permit re-publication.
The big issue is What is X?, i.e., What is the default license for a feed? If you want to spend a lot of time thinking about this, read Shelley's post & all of its comments, follow the links on that page, and the links I give above.

My role, if any, in this is in #4-6: user education and user interface improvement. These are the areas that I always seem to be drawn to.
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