Google AdSense Introduces 'Advertise on this site'

As announced at Google AdSense's page about What's New - November 2005, "advertisers will be able to bid for placement on your site." Since I do not want to get in the business of collecting money and I'm often asked how much it costs to advertise on my sites, especially on my IMAP service providers page, this might be very useful to me. And I hope it's useful to anyone who'd like to advertise on my sites. Do it now before the bidding war begins :-)!

Note that I do not charge to list providers and my evaluation of providers is independent of whether I receive referral fees or advertising income from a provider. If you know of an IMAP provide that is not yet on my IMAP service providers page, post a comment about it here and I'll add it.
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I just looked at my AdSense Reports and was perplexed to see that yesterday I earned $0.04. The perplexing thing wasn't that it was such a small amount, but that I earned this despite getting zero clicks. This is good news to me because I think it means that an advertiser is targeting my site (targeted ads pay for impressions, not clicks).

Thank you whoever you are!


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