Watching the Deflexions and Reflexions (aka What's a Feed)

A syndication feed or web feed provides a way to watch a web site or virtually any type of data stream. You can read feeds in lots of different ways, including using: To find the feeds for a site, look for an RSS, XML, plus (+), or Mozilla feed icon ([Mozilla Feed icon]). Now that the Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera browsers are switching to the Mozilla feed icon, many sites & tools are adopting it and it seems that it is on the way to becoming a standard.

Note that produces two feeds: one for the Deflexions ( bookmarks) and one for the Reflexions (Blogger blog items).'s feeds and subscription options are in the sidebar on the web site.

2006-April-11 Update: Thanks to this post in Randy Charles Morin's RSS Blog, I learned that Wikipedia decided to delete their List of news aggregators page. Fortunately, a similar page exists at eLib and I just fixed the broken Wikipedia links that were in the list above. Hooray for the Internet making it easy to route around problems!

2006-June-13 Update: Because of the controversy (part 1 and part 2) surrounding Mozilla's 2006-03-14 application to trademark the feed icon ([Mozilla Feed icon]), I have switched to using an unencumbered feed image ([Feed]).
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