Blogger permalinks seem permanent, but are they?

I think I've now set up Blogger and the .htaccess file [*] at my web-hosting provider so that all the reflexion archive-page URLs and the new reflexion item-page URLs (permalinks) have no extension. I want this because I don't want to be locked in to the .php extension that I've been using, for example, I might switch from PHP to another scripting language at some point in the future, and because extensionless URLs are nice [**].

What I want, but haven't been able to figure out how to do, is to change the permalink of all my old reflexions. Does anyone know how to do this in Blogger or via the Blogger API? I tried turning off "Post Pages", republishing, turning "Post Pages" back on, and republishing again, but Blogger remembers the old permalinks. I can understand why the Blogger developers would do this, since they are supposed to be permalinks, but I've used these URLs for less than a week and I can solve the problem of broken bookmarks and broken links via .htaccess tricks.

If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment here. Or just leave a comment so I know that someone has read this -- don't be shy!

Update: It turns out that when I edit an old reflexion and then republish it, it gets a new extensionless URL. I'm slowly going through my old posts and turning on comments, removing extraneous newlines, and republishing with extensionless URLs.

[*] I use the following .htaccess lines tell the Apache web server that file names with no extension are to be interpreted as PHP files:
  DefaultType application/x-httpd-php
DirectoryIndex index index.php index.html
[**] To learn about the value of permalinks and extensionless URLs, see:

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