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Comments are now enabled here at Deflexion.com. I've resisted for a long time because I thought that IMAP and/or NNTP were better protocols for public conversations, but now that both of those seem to be dying and syndication protocols & tools are getting more mature, I've decided to join in. My biggest concern, and one of the reasons I've resisted, is how do I export, atomize, and deflect the threads and individual comments. Does the Blogger API make this easy? And can people subscribe to the conversations? I.e., does Blogger make comment feeds available? As I learn more about this, I'll add comments to this thread. Your comments are welcome!

Update: The 2006-December version of Blogger supports comment feeds.
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Post & Read Comments (located here)

I'm still in the process of setting up comments and it turns out that they have been automatically enabled for some, but not all, of my old posts. For anyone else who uses Blogger, it seems that to enable comments on a very old post, you need to Edit the post and at the bottom you'll see

Allow New Comments and Backlinks on This Post followd by

( ) Yes ( ) No (*) No & Hide Existing

If you change this to Yes, comments will be enabled for that post.

If there is an old post that you would like to comment on, please leave a comment here and I will enable comments on that old post.

(BTW, creating paragraphs in a comment is a pain, but I'm working on that)


About atomizing and deflecting Blogger comments: As far as I can tell, Blogger does not currently provide comment feeds. But, I've got it set up to email me every Blog item and every comment that appears on Deflexion.com. Since I'm kind of a Procmail goddess, I can do just about anything with those email messages and my current plan is to feed the essentials of those messages into a PHP include file, which will appear in my sidebar titled something like 'Recent Comments.' Blogger can do something like this, but it is not as flexible as what I can do with Procmail.

If you have any suggestions for easier or better ways to do this, please leave a comment here.


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