What's going on at Infinite Ink and Deflexion.com

After way too much research, I'm slowly making some changes at Infinite Ink and Deflexion.com.
  • Email Hosting: I'm in the process of pointing the DNS MX records of the domains that I use in email addresses to TuffMail. I chose TuffMail because 1) they use the software I would use if I were setting up my own email server and 2) John Capo, the owner/admin, seems to really know his stuff based on the email conversations I've had with him.

  • Email Filtering: Now that I finally feel comfortable writing Procmail recipes, I'm switching from Procmail to Sieve.

  • Email Clients: Pine and Horde/IMP. Horde/IMP 4.0+ supports 1) saved searches across multiple mailboxes and 2) the IMAP flag command. These two features are essential for dealing with my gigs of saved messages.

  • Web Hosting: I'm going to convert the Infinite Ink site to a MediaWiki wiki, which will be hosted at WikiDev.net. I chose WikiDev.net because Gabriel Wicke, the owner/admin, is one of the MediaWiki developers and seems to know a lot about optimizing MediaWiki servers, including math markup (which I need so I can get back to writing about Mathematics).

  • Blog and Discussion Group: These will be merged and I'm not sure what software I'll use. Possibilities include a Gmane-linked mailing list and MediaWiki's built-in Discussion pages.

  • Shared Bookmarks: These will continue to be based on Del.icio.us and fed to my web.

  • Making a Living: My plan has always been that Infinite Ink is a commercial business. That's why I chose a .com domain name back in 1993 and that's why I copyright everything I write. I'm not sure how to make a living from Infinite Ink, but I often think "Wouldn't it be nice if everyone who read my Procmail Quick Start or my IMAP Service Providers page or my Continuum Hypothesis article, paid $1." I wouldn't be rich, but I'd be happy. If I implement a payment system, it will be voluntary.

2005-Dec-01 Update: Now I'm thinking that I will use Django rather than MediaWiki.
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