Email in the Web 2.0 World

I pay a lot of attention to the world of email as you can tell if you look at my Procmail, Reverse Spam, and IMAP pages. I also think a lot about Internet messaging in general. And it seems pretty clear to me that Microsoft, Google,, and others who are living in the messaging future are working on a new way of doing email and this new world doesn't really care about IMAP or SMTP. What it cares about are XML and syndication protocols. To understand what I'm talking about, see these two articles:
Neither of these articles explicitly say that this is going to replace email, but my guess is that it will. The only possible alternative is IMAP, but IMAP is just too difficult for both developers and system administrators and, as far as I can tell, it was not designed for the ebb, flow, remixing, publishing, linking, annotating, and tagging that is where we are headed with all our data.
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