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As I posted in Why I Use Blogger, I'm reasonably happy with Blogger. But the Blogger editor really sucks for creating long posts with lots of formatting. I've been trying out some alternate editors that can post via the Blogger API and at the moment I'm trying Performancing. So far it seems better than the other tools I've tried (MarsEdit and ecto) and it's definitely better than the default Blogger editor. My main questions are:
  • When will it work with SeaMonkey Suite and Opera, both of which I prefer to Firefox.
  • When will it let me compose & send email?!
If you are interested in trying Performancing, you might want to wait for version 1.1, which is being sneak peaked tomorrow.
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You may want to install Grease Monkey (a Firefox extension) and try some of the many Blogger add-ons.

Grease Monkey allows you to use Grease Monkey scripts, like the ones at Each script has a filter that matches web pages you visit. If the filter matches the web page you are about to load, the GreaseMonkey script is applied to the page "as if" it was JavaScript originally bundled with the page.

There are Blogger scripts that modify the editor (for example, I have a Technorati tags field now that allows me to append Technorati tags after every post. It even lets you specify tags taht area lways appended to each post). There are also scripts that change the view of the posts for the author so that you can do things like editing comments directly.

Grease Monkey can effectively turn Blogger into Performancing. The only thing that Performancing has that Blogger doesn't is that it pops up at the bottom of the page.

( note: one nice thing about ecto is its ability to autogenerate Amazon Associates links; though you could write a Grease Monkey script to do this too )

( final note: Performancing (any Firefox extension, really) is just a JavaScript itself, so it can easily be modded to add features or change features )


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