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Inspired by Faruk AteĊŸ's The Killing of the Comments (Well, Almost), I've set up so that you can now use Twitter to comment on a blog item. You can also still comment via the Blogger comment form or a backlink. The advantages of Twitter are that it's short & sweet, it isn't as intimidating as posting on my site, and it's easier to have an ongoing conversation on Twitter than on my site. If you use Twitter to comment, make sure that you include the following in your tweet:

@nm #item-hashtag #Re

So a tweet about this blog item should include:

@nm #tweeting-com #Re

This will make it possible to search Twitter for tweets about my pages. For example, to find tweets about this blog item, search Twitter for @nm #tweeting-com. To find tweets about any of my web pages, search Twitter for @nm #Re.

It's not perfect, but I'm hoping it will make it easier for people to comment on my writing. I get a lot of private email comments about my writing and almost all of these should be public. I'm still working on this and here are some of my plans:

  • To Do
    1. avoid unintended hashtag collisions
    2. save my Twitter timeline
    3. display relevant Twitter comments on the page that's being commented on
    4. do this for my Infinite Ink pages
    5. add the relevant Comment at Twitter link in my blog feed (I'm not sure if this is possible with Blogger)
    6. maybe use these hashtags to create my own tiny urls (requires a solution to #1 above)

Please tweet any thoughts you have about this! (Or comment here if you don't have a Twitter account.)

Updated: 28.04.09 11:15

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