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I've done a lot of research about content management systems, both for myself and for the people whose web sites I manage, and I'm still looking for the perfect system. I want some kind of wiki-blog system that I can use for:
  • my own writing
  • group writing, e.g., technical documentation written and maintained by a group of people
  • storing useful links
  • storing useful content that it's legal to store publicly
  • storing useful content that it's not legal to -- or I don't want to -- store publicly and making it viewable only to me
  • conversations and annotations about each of the above items
  • searching all of the above and presenting the search results in lots of different ways, e.g., by date, by popularity, by tag, as a feed, etc.
The hardest part of the system I'm dreaming of is spam management. I've spent the last year getting myself out of the business of email spam management and I have no desire to re-enter that world. As I've said before, the wiki-blog spam problem is the same as the email spam problem and the solution is the same: Let someone else do it! (Unless you want to be a full-time system administrator.)

While I continue to search for the perfect content management system, I'm sticking with Blogger because:
  • it's free/gratis
  • I can use my own domain name
  • a copy of the data is stored on my own server
  • data can be imported and exported via the Blogger API
  • the system is constantly being improved
  • they deal with the spam problem
For evidence of the last two bullet items, see Blogger Buzz: Recently Updated with less Spam, which was posted on 2 December 2005 to the 'Official Buzz From Blogger at Google' blog.
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Have you looked at WordPress? (www.wordpress.org) I'm using it now, and am pleased with it for a lot of reasons. I like that it's free and open source, that I can easily backup everything (through a free backup plugin I installed to WP) and that WordPress lives on my web server where I can set it up the way I like it. Also: no spam! There are a number of WP ways to prevent spam comments. The one I'm using works perfectly.


Blogger.com is free .. that's it's ONLY saving grace in my opinion. The more experience you have with it the more you realize why some folks prefer to purchase software/service that actually works. Everytime this thing sneezes it wipes out my blogs! How asinine is that? And as for "spam control" these folks don't have that down at all. By worrying so much about spam control they tend to wipe out useful information as well as the idiots. I'm less impressed with this novice approach to computer technology every day as it simply takes too much time to get anything done with it. And once done .. you'll be RE-DOING it over and over and over...


Hello Anonymous and Anonymous, thank you for your comments. I have looked at WordPress and seriously considered it for a long time. But after the March-2005 negative-positioned links to the Hot-Nacho link farm fiasco, I crossed it off my personal list of possible content-management-system tools. My current thought is that I'm going to convert all my sites to a wiki, probably based on DokuWiki, and so, for now, I'm focusing my energy on setting up Dokuwiki. Once I've got that going I'll revisit the blog-software question, which is always in the back of my mind, and probably switch from Blogger.


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