TV Turnoff Week and Internet Turnoff Week

[Reclaim Public Space: TV Turnoff Week, April 24-30,] TV Turnoff Week is April 24-30 this year and I've decided that in addition to not watching TV, which I rarely do anyway, I'm going to not watch the Internet. That means no web, no feeds, no newsgroups, and no email! To learn about TV Turnoff Week, see: I'll be back on the Net on May 1st. In the meantime, hope to see you out in meatspace!

Note: During my cyber fast, comments posted to this blog are being held in a comment-moderation queue. All non-spam comments will be published when I return to cyberspace.
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Just found this post while getting distracted from my purpose of finding a new IMAP provider... (thanks for all your excellent imformation on this topic).

It's an interesting idea abstaining from the internet as well as television. Clicking links can become as brainless an activity as switching channels - and every bit as addictive.

Perhaps TV Turnoff Week needs re-defining as Stopping Purposeless Activity week? It seems to me that the key is not just physically engaging with the material world but actively and purposefully doing so.


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