What Is Web 2.0?

I just read the Slate article about Web 2.0: The new Internet "boom" doesn't live up to its name, in which Paul Boutin discusses the definition of Web 2.0:
. . . "Do It Together," "The Read/Write Web," "Small Pieces, Loosely Joined," or Newsweek's pick, "the Living Web." . . . Just call it the Internet. That way, everyone will know what you mean.”
This made me think about how I would define Web 2.0 and I think I would define it as simply the (lower case) semantic web, i.e., the dream that many of us have had for many years. What do you think -- how would you define Web 2.0?

For lots of people's thoughts about this, see the del.icio.us Web2.0 and SemanticWeb tags.

2006 May 26 Update: Because of the Controversy about [O'Reilly's] "Web 2.0" service mark, I have decided to quit using the phrase Web 2.0.
Hashtag: #what-is-web- [?]

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is Web2.0=XHTML? or CSS2?


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