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As you can tell by reading this blog and my Infinite Ink site, I do what I can to support small businesses and to try to prevent the big companies from entirely taking over the Internet. In general, I get a bad feeling when I read big-company sites or blogs. Today as I was reading some blog items, blog comments, and discussion-group messages that happened to be written by IBM employees, I realized that there's something about IBM that I really like. I think it's that:
  • On average IBM employees are smarter, more thoughtful, and more polite than other big-company employees. (Maybe what I mean here is "more mature" -- but I mean that in a good way!)
  • IBM is not (as far as I know) competing in the search / advertising / make-me-your-home-page arena.
Anyway, I just thought I'd send some kudos to IBM for having such cool employees and for seeming to be a very good Net citizen. If you have any thoughts about IBM or big tech companies, please add a comment.

(Note: I'll probably update this when I figure out some relevant links.)
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I thought so too when I joined IBM in 1964. I left the company in 1994 with that same opinion. I've been disappointed in the past decade with the IBM slamming that's been going on. I left some very talented friends behind, so it's good to know that there is still a professional atmosphere in eveidence at Big Blue.



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