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I'm a male in my mid-30's in the Washington D.C. area. I work as a sysadmin for a small nonprofit. In my spare time I tinker with Linux and FOSS. Everything I know about procmail I learned from Infinite Ink, and for that I thank you profusely! I started reading your blog when you complained that no one was looking at it in comp.mail.misc. I'm still too emotionally invested in the time I spent learning to use mutt to switch to Pine, even though mutt's IMAP support is lacking. I'm not convinced that RSS is the future of internet communication, but I'm keeping an open mind about it.


Hi. I found my way to Deflexion.com through Infinite Ink's pages about Pine.
Probably, most people consider me a Pine power user. I do think that I'd fail miserably to handle all mail with a mouse and a graphical mail client. Though, 2000 lines of procmailrc play another essential role.
I try to avoid IMAP (because of its overhead), but as a sysadmin I am glad to read your valuable advices.

So, here, I am mostly looking for information on Pine, Procmail and IMAP. I am getting updates through RSS (which I use to have an eye on lots of sites).

And, yes, I am blog positive ;-) since I started my own.

Deflexion.com is much appreciated. Thanks for keeping it up.


I learned of your infinite ink site through comp.mail.pine list serve and have found your hints and suggestions useful in working with pine on OSX. I've only recently started keeping track of your deflexion.com blog. Thanks for all your work.

I'm on the faculty at UW-Madison and have begun thinking abou the role of the internet and new tools (like blogs) for informal education networks. I've found some your comments and ideas thoughtprovoking.


Hello from Malta!
Nancy you basically converted me to IMAP several years ago. Having been using IMAP and travelling around the world both professionally and personally and IMAP really, really suits me. Have stuck with this sight every since. Just wish I had more time to visit and wander around. I love IMAP but I am sorely disappointed that Mulberry/Cyrusoft has gone to the wall. I still remember that Saturday morning when I read the message - felt like my right arm had been cut off.
Warmest regards


Hi, I'm a small business owner in Washington state. I have 2 employees and do some travelling and am looking at what would be involved in switching either just my mail or my whole site from my current web hosting co, who only do POP. They have given excellent service in the 4+ years I've been with them, but their only suggestion is that I set up my own colo server with them, not what I want to be doing.

I found Infinite Ink, looked at the LuxSci site, and a whole new world is opening up ....



I followed you here after you left a comment over on RC3 agreeing with me. Anyone who agrees with me has to be cool, right? Flutterby is my (multi-contributor) weblog, since February 1998 (although I've had a web presence of some sort or another since the ISP/online services provider I founded got its first full-time leased line sometime back in 1994), and I've served time as a professional whitewater guide, software developer (everything from building a motion control system with microcontrollers to DOS to Windows .NET and Mac and Linux), and several other things that've caught my fancy.

I'm now stuck here because... After years of using VM under Emacs for mail I decided to go cold-turkey to a modern GUI email system and switched to Opera's mail client. I like it, mostly, but I'm realizing that I don't process nearly as much mail as I used to, and as cool as some of the features have been, I'm ready to switch to something faster.

So I've been edging towards something using Fetchmail to deliver to Procmail and giving the mail to my email client via Dovecot, and it sounds like you've already done much of that.


I'm a software developer, open-source user/advocate, and someone who spends more time making my computers work /for/ me than it would take to do the work myself. I found deflexion.com and ii.com in my (recently completed) quest to use server-side filtering for IMAP flags with Sendmail->Procmail->Cyrus IMAP->Thunderbird. During that quest, I also noticed Nancy McGough's 2 degrees of separation from every Internet post regarding IMAP flags. :) Thanks for all the good info, Nancy!


Hello. I am a young male from Philadelphia, PA who really enjoys reading your Infinite Ink pages. The contents within has really been an asset to me in my small business. Continue the great work and your work is greatly appreciated! God Bless!


Male, 24, Sri Lanka. Worked as a sys admin, now heading overseas for work on a lottery establishment. Right now, looking for a good way to mirror my mail between Gmail, Fastmail, and perhaps Tuffmail as well. Downloading gigabytes isn't an option, I'm behind a dialup link. I read your stuff at ii too :) Your writings are a big help. Thank you!


I tried to leave a comment on "Make a Meta-comment", but comments seem to be off for that post. Anyway, I wanted to add to your information about Procmail for your excellent Procmail info page: Mac OS X, from at least 10.3 forward, uses Procmail as the default LDA. Myself, I had to set it up manually, because it is NOT the default LDA for OS X's implementation of Postfix; Cyrus is. But if you aren't using Postfix (for instance, if you're using Fetchmail), Procmail is the default LDA.


Hi there. I'm intrigued by many similarities in our choices for providers. In the 90s, I used best.com. When the were bought out by (Verio?), I ditched the. For several years I stumbled about looking for a good replacement for what I had at best.com. In the end, I determined that there was no one provider that could do it all well. So, like you, I divided all key service. I now use Dreamhost, Fastmail, and Zonedit/easyDNS as my troika for my IT presence. Your various comments/commentaries are validating -- and make me feel that I've "got it right." In your footsteps, --Steve


Hi Nancy,
I've tried to contact you directly via your e-mail address. Alas, it looks like my message didn't make it through your spam filters.

I wondered whether you knew an IMSP server service provider that you'd be able to recommend? I've been looking for a service for awhile.



Hi Nancy et. al.,

Just wanted to drop you note thanking you for keeping this up all this time!

Every time there is a seachange in email I find myself coming back to Infinite Ink. From unix mail shell clients to pop to imap to secure pop/imap and procmail to converting from Unix mailboxes to MBX mailboxes and now to MIX (MIX is looking EXTREMELY worthwhile by the way. Order of magnitude level speedups and surprisingly easy to convert to), the site has been a great place to look for answers and (even more importantly) questions I didn't know to ask yet.

I should mention: imap.org is today (1/12/2010) a parked domain so those links went away. I think due to some nasty budget cuts and painful decisions at University of Washington.

Anyway, thanks again.

-David Fetrow


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