Using Feed Protocols to Update Server-Side Filters

Here's a common scenario (aka use case): You use server-side filtering, but your email client does not have a built-in way to update your server-side filters. There are many ways to solve this problem, including:
  • copying messages to appropriate IMAP mailboxes that are used to train the server-side filters
  • flagging IMAP-accessible messages with appropriate keywords and periodically running scripts that update the server-side filters based on messages' keywords, e.g., if a message has the label ToGreenlist, the address in its From: header will be added to your server-side greenlist
  • using IMSP or ACAP to update and store server-side filters
  • using SMTP to bounce forward messages to appropriate email addresses that trigger scripts that update the server-side filters
  • using the ManageSIEVE protocol to update remote SIEVE scripts
  • plugging an add-on tool into your email client that is able to interact with your server-side filters
  • using a web-based form to update your server-side filters (this almost always sucks unless it is a web-based form that is built into your web-based email client)
None of these options provides a general solution and that is the reason that I have not yet published an article about how I recommend people do greenlisting. I think that ultimately the solution is going to be that people will use feed protocols to update their server-side filters. This is just another reason that email clients need to start supporting feed protocols!
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