Pine in Fortune Magazine and on TV

As discussed in comp.mail.pine in the thread Pine mentioned on, Pine recently appeared in Fortune magazine in an article titled Secrets of greatness: How I work. In this section of the article, Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products and User Experience, Google, said:
“on my work email I get as many as 700 to 800 a day, so I need something really fast. I use an email application called Pine...”
Also, as discussed in the thread Did anyone see Pine v4.44 in tonight's 24 episode, Pine recently appeared on the TV series 24.

[1.1 MB image of Pine on TV series 24 is available only on the permalink page]

Because this screen capture from the 24 show is 1.1 megabytes, it is displayed only on the permalink page for this item. Thank you to Ant for letting me use this image and to DreamHost for giving me more than a terabyte of bandwidth per month (and full Debian Linux shell access where I can run Pine).

Pine is my primary Email, NNTP, Feed, & general GTD (Getting-Things-Done) client and I have written extensively about it on the All About Pine and Power Pine pages.
Hashtag: #pine-in-fort [?]

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And if I'm not mistaken the window manager is Blackbox or some derived work like fluxbox.
Oh CTU...


Awesome, this is still up. ;)


Good old Chloe. ;)


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