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One of the reasons I chose Blogger is because it supports SFTP. Well that hasn't been working for a few weeks and when I asked Blogger support about this, the guy changed SFTP to FTP in my config and told me it was fixed. Up until that point my password for that account had never been sent in the clear. Anyway, I can't get SFTP to work and the Blogger support guy is clueless and unhelpful about this issue so that's why I haven't been posting via Blogger. If anyone has any suggestions for how I might get SFTP to work again with Blogger, please post in But, what I really want is a better blogging tool so suggestions for that are welcome!
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is it working for you now? seems to be having issues again.


it still semms not to be fixed, I think I found the reason, here is the bug in the Google Blogger Group:


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