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MarsEdit: Powerful Blog Authoring Made Simple. I'm still searching for a good desktop tool to manage my blogs and today I'm trying MarsEdit. I've resisted MarsEdit because it's not cross-platform (it's Mac only) and it costs $30. In a perfect world, I'd use only cross-platform FLOSS software. I want cross-platform because it makes it easier for me to switch platforms and it also makes it easier for me to support people who are not using one of the platforms I use. I want FLOSS because I think that's the way software in general is moving and I think it's more likely that a FLOSS app will be around in a few years. Also, it helps that FLOSS apps are usually gratis! But, I'm not very happy with Bleezer, which is cross-platform, or Flock, which is cross-platform and FLOSS, so I'm trying out this single-platform non-FLOSS app.

So far I like it. I especially like that:
  • I can make the MarsEdit post editor window font whatever size I want; this is not the case in Flock.
  • I can launch an alternate editor, such as vim, from the MarsEdit post editor.
  • Assigning labels to a post is simple -- just check them off in the Options/Categories sidebar.

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I'm glad you're enjoying MarsEdit. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems!


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