consider reworking your entire website's content

Thank you to Greenman for inspiring me to start cleaning up my web pages. Here is an excerpt of an email message he sent me, which I'm posting with permission.
with regards to the page:
also page:

Greetings, and thank you for this wonderful information! However, I nearly dismissed it as a simple news aggregator site only. The news and metanotes take up so much room at the top, I began wondering whether there really was any content about procmail. Such excellent content shouldn't be so horribly strangled to oblivion by its layout. . . . Please - please - consider reworking your entire website's content. . . .
I've known for a long time that I need to do this and this site was actually created "for experimenting with tools and designs that might be used for the redesign of the Infinite Ink site." A major reworking is going to happen, but for now I'm cutting down the news and metanotes sections of my pages, starting with the Procmail Quick Start. The news that used to be on that page is now located on this blog in a blog item titled September 2003 - March 2007 News from the Procmail Quick Start.


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I'm glad you decided to re-work the site. And thanks for the convenient procmail basics link in your left column.


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