Flock changes the appearance of my del.icio.us web pages

Now that Flock 1.0 is out, I'm experimenting with using it as my default browser. There are a lot of things I like about it, especially the built-in blog editor, which I'm using right now [*]. I'm not sure if I like the way they've hooked it into del.icio.us, the social bookmarking website, though. Normally when I go to my del.icio.us bookmarks page, I see this:
your bookmarks | your network | subscriptions | links for you | post

But now that I've used Flock's built-in "Favorite This Page..." command to post some bookmarks to del.icio.us, I see this:
your favorites | your network | subscriptions | links for you | post

Notice the difference? Yuk! I don't want Flock messing around with the appearance of web pages, especially changing words! [**]

I'm hoping there's a way to fix this -- please let me know if you know.

[*] I've temporarily edited Flock Preferences > Advanced > Sharing so it looks like this:
[X] Include "Shared with Flock" text when sharing
It's nice (and essential to me) that this is configurable, which is not the case in Bleezer.

[**] Unless I've requested it in the Flock Preferences, e.g. using the minimum font size.

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Hey Nancy,

Flock does not ever alter the look of webpages...we use the same rendering as Firefox, and our features lie on top of websites, not within. I suspect that delicious is making some changes (they did recently change from del.icio.us to delicious).

I hope the rest of your experience with Flock is good!

Flock on,

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador

evan at flock dot com


Thank you Evan. I asked about this in the del.icio.us list and you are right, del.icio.us does browser sniffing and then uses the terminology that the browser uses. Details are in the thread
"your bookmarks" vs "your favorites" at tech.groups.yahoo.com. I'm still learning about Flock and will probably blog more about it soon.


After reading about some of the software you use I decided to try Flock. There are things I like about it but I'm really not sure. Makes me feel a bit crowded. Don't think it would work as my default browser. Well truth is, sometimes I just surf the web to read and look at stuff without actually doing anything with the content


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