5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

In Blog-Tag: A Game for a Virtual Cocktail Party, Jeff Pulver wrote:
. . . thinking about some of the people I only know of in the blogosphere and for a moment I looked at them as under developed characters in a novel. And I asked myself, "How would we get to learn some additional information about these characters?"
OK, I'll play. Here are some things about me:
  1. I haven't had a TV for more than 30 years.
  2. I've been a vegetarian for more than 20 years.
  3. I haven't had a car for more than 10 years.
  4. I haven't had any Microsoft products for more than 4 years.
  5. I am thinking about changing the above 4 things about me!
The first 4 of these are evidence that I can be pretty passionate about things, but if you follow my writing, you probably already know that about me (e.g. my passion for promoting FLOSS and Standards). The new thing, #5, is that I'm trying to figure out how to be less impassioned and less fanatical, while still feeling like I'm doing something to make the world a better place.

OK, you're turn. What are 5 things I might not know about you, dear reader? You can post your things here or backlink to this blog item from your own blog.
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What's wrong with being passionate? You just have to make sure you're passionate about the right things. Or, to be more accurate, you have to make sure you're right about what you're passionate about.

On another note, when you update your procmail guide, could you add a note at the top tellling us what you've done? Thanks. And thanks for such a great resource!


1. I have a son in college.
2. I have a daughter who is driving.
3. I am not very passionate about anything. (From my lazy and mostly dispassionate perspective - which is not to say that I am not opinionated because I am - it is difficult to distinguish passion from obsession...)
4. I get more and more laid back the older I get.
5. I think about you and wonder how you are doing and nose around on your websites every year or so...


1. I don't drive or even have a drivers license (never had one)
2. I'm a granddad since 10 May 2007
3. I live with my cat Felix
4. I'm pretty passionate about the web
5. I believe in the rights of man/woman


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