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In addition to blogging, the site is for experimenting with tools and designs that might be used for the redesign of the site. Below is what was written on the site while I was deciding what software to use and what to call this site. I'm still deciding on the software...

Help Us Choose Wiki-Blog* Software    If you browse around Infinite Ink, you will see that we desperately need to update the design and content of this site. We plan to move the entire site to a wiki or content management system that supports commenting, collaboration, and syndication. The system will be used for

We are considering using one of the following.

Some interesting thoughts about choosing a Content Management System are at and at Chuq Von Rospach's blog in the item Looking for a good CMS.... I'd love to hear more thoughts about this — please post your suggestions in the discussion group.


[Calic blokii nannoplankton (image used with permission)] Help Us Choose Our Wiki-Blog Domain Name   In addition to deciding on wiki-blog software (see above), we need to choose a domain name for this project. Possibilities include,,,, simply using, or shifting the project to,,, or is kind of appealing because of the wonderfully weird brain-like nannoplankton called Calicasphaera blokii (pictured at the right) and because BLOK can be interpreted as an acronym for BLOg + KM (knowledge management). But at the moment we're leaning towards some combination of the following.


    Possible URL       Possible Title
  deflecting & reflecting from infinite ink
deflexion & reflexion from infinite ink
deflexions & reflexions from infinite ink
infinite ink deflexion & reflexion
infinite ink's deflexions & reflexions

And the two that are links are in testing right now! Note that according to, there are 17 online dictionaries that include the word deflexion and 28 online dictionaries that include the word reflexion so these are legitimate words (in English and in some other languages). What do you think — what would be a good URL or title for the Infinite Ink wiki-blog?!


There is no cat either.
*A Wiki-blog is sometimes called a bliki, bloki, klog (knowledge weblog), or wikilog.