The Joy of IMAP

Yesterday in the Verio VPS2 mailing list, people were talking about spam fighting and IMAP came up. Some people were concerned that IMAP users, especially packrats, would use a lot of disk space and also that a lot of users do not understand IMAP. Michael Reynolds, of and, came to IMAP's defense and said this:
"I love the look on a client's face when they are using IMAP and I explain to them that all they have to do to migrate their mail to their new computer is configure Thunderbird and start working ;-)"
Yes, I love that too! (And also that you can have spam delivered to an IMAP-accessible MaybeSpam mailbox rather than the INBOX.)
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Hi Nancy,

Your incredibly useful IMAP related pages have completely converted to the power of IMAP. I was converted sometime ago and have been hooked ever since. Please keep up the good work - I find your material essential to stay informed about the future direction of messaging technology.

All the best.


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