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If this is successfully posted, I think I'm going to become a Journler user!

Update: It worked, but with some problems, which I'll hopefully solve soon. In any case, I think I'll stick with Journler because in addition to its built-in blogging capabilities, it is a general information manager, it's donationware, and it's email enabled. I've gotten to the point where I pretty much only use software that makes it easy to transport data to one of my data clouds (IMAP, HTTP, FTP, DAV, APP, etc.). For example, one of the reasons I use SeaMonkey Suite is because it makes it very easy to email a web page.

If you have any tips about using Journler with Blogger or using Journler in general, please add a comment . I'm also interested in learning about other software -- on any platform -- that make it easy to transport data to a personal or public cloud.
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Wait, are you posting from Journler to Drupal or Blogger? I'm so confused...

If Drupal, I'd greatly appreciate if you could lay out any of your steps to making it work (at all).



Hi Benjamin, Sorry for the confusion -- this blog item was from Journler to Blogger. I just added a "powered by" blurb to the bottom of the pages to make this more clear. I'm still planning to switch to another CMS, probably Drupal or Dokuwiki, but I'm waiting for Drupal 5 and the upcoming Dokuwiki release, each of which should be out soon.

BTW, your Agaric Design Collective looks very nice and gives me another reason to use Drupal!


Thanks-- I've got Journler working with Drupal blogs (most of the time... I think adding a "free tagging" vocabulary has made Journler unable to ever finish retrieving the category list. Haven't worked this out yet.)

And in the time since I commented, I've left my day job and joined the Agaric Design Collective full time! Mostly doing Drupal sites, with all the CiviCRM and other such fanciness.


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