My No-SEO Blogging Strategy

I've been wondering why this blog gets almost no spam, especially considering that I allow anonymous comments with links, do not moderate comments, and do not use CAPTCHAs [*]. I was thinking that it was because:
  • The web site, which is where comments are initiated, gets very few visitors (~50 per day).
  • I've customized the Blogger template and the language [**] so that automated spam tools might not be able to automate spam comments.
  • Google does a good job of dealing with Blogger blog spam.
But, my blogging-with-Bleezer experiment clued me in to what I think is the main reason that this blog doesn't get spammed:
  • I do no SEO (search engine optimization), for example I have not claimed my blog at Technorati and I don't ping a bunch of search engines whenever I post.
The clue was that immediately after I posted via Bleezer, a bunch of backlinks showed up on multiple blog items on my site. That had never happened before and hasn't happened since so something about Bleezer made it happen. I think it was the following, which is excerpted from the Bleezer site.
Why use Bleezer to blog?
  • Advertise. Ping Technorati,, ping-o-matic, Pingoat, or any other service.
  • etc.
The default Bleezer configuration, which is what I used, automatically pinged the blogosphere about my one-sentence "this is a test" blog item. And some people, who seem to have been playing SEO games, instantly linked to my recent blog items with hopes of generating some traffic from my fresh live blog.

So, my advice, if you want to have a low-key friendly blog, is to not play any SEO or popularity games and simply plod along posting about things that you think are interesting and after years of doing this, you will probably have a nice little community. That's been my strategy and so far it seems to have worked. Thank you to everyone who helps to make this a friendly and interesting little blog community!

[*] I used to use CAPTCHAs on this blog, but a few months ago I decided to lower the barrier to commenting and removed them.

[**] At the moment I'm using French as the template language, but I periodically switch the language.

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hi Nancy!

You know, I'm sure you're onto something. The blog-spammers are probably picking up fresh "targets" by monitoring the tide of new pings coming through,, and so on... it makes sense.

Good point!


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