Anti-Phishing Email Address Strategy

So far, I've pretty much avoided doing any financial transactions over the Internet, but I'm thinking that I'm (finally!) going to break down and get a PayPal account. The question is: What email address should I use? It's a good strategy to use a unique email address for each of your financial-transaction correpondents because 1) you can easily filter these messages based on the recipient address, and 2) you will be able to identify -- and ignore -- any phishing message that is sent to the wrong email address. Examples of unique PayPal addresses include:
I'm wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of addresses. In other words, is it better to create a unique email address by creating a unique local part (paypal@), a unique detail part (+paypal), a unique subdomain (, or some combination of these. In any case, I will set up the address with strong anti-phishing SMTP-level (MX) restrictions at Tuffmail (my email hosting provider).

My guess is that a good anti-phishing email address strategy will be useful to everyone who uses the Internet for financial transactions. Please post if you have any thoughts or recommendations about this.
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