Clicks, Colors, and Speed in Terminal and iTerm

Inspired by this message from Mark Pilgrim, in which he discusses some Mac OS X applications that he uses (and why he's decided to switch away from the Mac), I decided to try iTerm again. After using iTerm exclusively for the last couple days, I'm switching back to Terminal because:
  • CMD-double-clicking anywhere on a URL just works in Terminal. It always launches the URL in my Mac's default application for that URL scheme (http, mailto, etc.). I had problems getting this type of thing to work in iTerm.
  • I can set up Terminal so that I can use "Option-click to position cursor" (via a checkbox in Window Settings > Emulation). This is especially useful when I'm composing a message in the default Pine composer (pico), which has only rudimentary built-in screen-navigation commands. AFAICT, iTerm supports this only when using an xterm or rxvt Terminal type, but, as I posted in this interesting thread in comp.sys.mac.apps, I could not get this to work in all cases.
  • Colors are nicer in Terminal. In iTerm, all the colors seem to have a tinge of gray. I care about colors because I use colors extensively in Pine to help me manage my incoming and archived IMAP and NNTP messages.
  • Fonts are crisper in Terminal. (At least my current favorite monospace font, Monaco, is crisper.)
  • Everything seems faster in Terminal than in iTerm, including screen drawing, clicking, and typing.
What I like about iTerm are the tabs and the easy-to-set-up bookmarks. I almost always have at least three terminal windows open and it is very nice to be able to use a single container window (aka use a MDI or TDI) for all these windows. It makes it easy for me to remember what's going on in the other terminal windows and I can see if a "bell" has gone off in any of the terminal windows (because a visual bell appears in the tab).

If you have any tips for using iTerm or Terminal, please post them here.
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Option-clicking in Terminal Pine really works for you? I set the preference in Window Settings, but now an Option-click in my Pine terminal window seems to send a weird sequence of about 20 up-arrow presses followed by an infinite number of right-arrow presses, until I quit Terminal.


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