Red Hat to replace UW IMAP with Dovecot and Cyrus

On 27 January, Kenneth Porter posted the message Red Hat to replace UW
IMAP with Dovecot and Cyrus
in the Mulberry discussion group. Here's what he said (with the URLs slightly edited):
I put a patch to the RH RPM for UW-IMAP to add a utils package and the RH packager replied that Red Hat plans to replace UW-IMAP with Dovecot and Cyrus:

Dovecot looks quite interesting as a 'lightweight' IMAP server with good fault tolerance and good performance.
Cyrus IMAP seems to be becoming the open-source IMAP server of choice. Note that it is also the default IMAP server in Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and it is used by many of the providers on my IMAP Service Providers page.

Update: There is also a short thread about this in comp.mail.imap.
Hashtag: #red-hat-to-r [?]

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