Changing G ads to right-side-down G ad

For now I'm ending my experiment with G ads, which I began on 2003 June 20 and ended on 2005 January 4. During that time I made enough money to pay 1 week of rent. I live in London so rent is ridiculously high (and the dollar-to-pound exchange rate is terrible), but still it's not worth it. I've replaced all my G ads on Infinite Ink and with a large right-side-down G ad -- check it out!

A happy and peaceful new year to everyone,
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I'm using G ads again, as well as continuing to use the right-side-down G (Gmane) ad. My reasons for putting G ads back are 1) the $100 AdSense referral fee and 2) the new Advertise on this site link, which will make it possible for advertisers to specifically target my sites. If you are interested in either of these, follow the relevant link(s) in the sidebar on this page.


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