Needed: Better blogging software

I was hoping that Blogger would have a new release by now but since they don't I'm going to try something else. I'm debating between
WordPress, which just released version 1.0, and b2evolution. Both are

  • open-source
  • released under the GNU General Public License
  • built on PHP and MySQL
  • support categories, syndication, and lots of other features that I want!

Does anyone have any advice or pointers to places where I can read a comparison of these? Thank you and
Happy New Year!

Update:  For now I'm sticking with Blogger and continuing my blogging-tool research.
On 18-December-2003, The Guardian reviewed the following weblog tools:
Movable Type,
Radio Userland,

Links to all these reviews and lots more about blogging are at Guardian Unlimited | Special report: weblogs.

Update 2: 
There's an interesting discussion about CMS Software at

Update 3: 
There's a long list of blogging tools on the Atom Wiki RoadMap page in the section titled

Company / Product List:
Do you plan to be Atom Enabled?

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