Hi From Windows Live Writer

I’m using a Microsoft Windows machine for the first time in a long time and I’m trying out Windows Live Writer. So far, it looks good. Here’s what I like:

  • No need to have a Windows Live account.
  • Clean source code that uses paragraph tags (<p></p>) for every paragraph. The Blogger WYSIWYG post editor creates source code that does not use paragraph tags.
  • “Insert Hyperlink” lets you specify Title and Rel attributes (that are used in the <a href tag). 
  • “Insert Hyperlink” lets you optionally specify that the hyperlink and its display text are remembered and re-used.
  • Can specify Blogger Labels by choosing them from a list of all my Blogger Labels. Writer calls these Categories.
  • Highlights typos.
  • Can save drafts either remotely at Blogger.com or locally, or both (by clicking on each of the “Save Draft” options).
  • It’s gratis.

Here are some bugs and wishes:

  • Bug: Sometimes an <li> tag does not have a closing </li> tag.
  • Wish: WYSIWYG way to insert <code></code> and all other standard HTML tags. I’m currently doing this by hand in the Source editor. 
  • Wish: Option to view both the Source and the WYSIWYG version of a blog post in a split screen and be able to edit either incarnation and have the other incarnation auto update. The main reason I still use Dreamweaver is because of this feature.
  • Wish: It were available for other operating systems, for example, Mac OS X or Linux.

Writer seems better than all the other Blog editors I’ve tried and I’m hoping it will inspire me to start blogging again. It might even inspire me to switch operating systems (from Mac OS X to MS Windows)!

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