Internet Message Deflexion: Intertwingling IMAP, SMTP, NNTP, IM, RSS, & More

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Providers Offering Message Deflexion (including deflexion to or from IMAP servers)

Sometimes it is useful to have messages available in a data format or through a protocol that is different from the original format or protocol. For example, you might prefer to read...


Here are some service providers who offer these or other types of message deflexion.


Tools for Doing Your Own Message Deflexion

If you want to set up your own message deflexion instead of — or in addition to — using the services of the providers mentioned above, you can use tools such as the following.

For more thoughts about message deflexion, see the next section.




The History and Future of IMAP

Some of the history of IMAP is described in the comp.mail.misc message Re: Did POP3 servers ever auto-delete mail after retrieval? and this followup message, both by Mark Crispin, the inventor of IMAP.

The Internet Engineering Task Force ( hosts Proposals for IMAP extensions in their Internet-Drafts section


The Future of Internet Messaging: Intertwingling IMAP, SMTP, NNTP, IM, and RSS

The IMAP, SMTP, NNTP, IM, and RSS/SSF/NEcho/Pie messaging spaces are merging and the messaging client software and service providers that will prevail will provide seamless access to and updating of all these message stores. The way these message spaces will merge might involve protocol or message deflexion, protocol or message-store intertwingling, translation between data formats, or something entirely different. In any case, I think that this intertwingling of messaging protocols and messaging spaces is one of the more interesting things happening on the Net right now. For more thoughts about this, see: